Abacus Hemp Strain

What makes the Abacus hemp strain so popular?

The Abacus hemp flower strain has become extremely popular since its inception in 2017. Our Abacus hemp strain contains a CBD content typically ranging between 10-25% and brings a phenomenal taste that many love.

The Abacus hemp strain shot to popularity for several reason. Mainly, it has a higher than normal terpene content, attractive appearance, and potent aroma. It is also a favorite of hemp growers in the midwest and northeastern climates because it is extremely tolerant to heat, cold, mold, mildew and pests. The Abacus hemp flower is described as an earthy-smokey flavor that many enjoy.

Abacus Hemp Strain Growing and Results

Depending on the region and time of year you are growing, we will help you select the prime window for planting. As mentioned, the Abacus hemp seeds are a popular choice for regions experiencing colder climates, but it also does excellent in heat. Contact our team for detailed information on specific growing recommendations based on your geography.

Actual Recorded Yield Results of Abacus Hemp Strain

.5 to 2 pounds per plant (yield result depends heavily on growing conditions including nutrient selection and application, weed control, and/or moisture control).

Abacus Hemp Strain CBD Results

CBD results when growing Abacus for high CBD content vary between 10% and 25%. When packaged with the Soil Balance Nutrient Program results have been recorded 16-25% while remaining under .3% delta 9 THC.

Abacus Hemp Characteristics

  • Large plants able to be planted in a row crop style.
  • Hearty variety able to withstand early frost.
  • Large yielding plant with results in ideal conditions 2+ pounds of flower per plant.
  • Highly attractive flower appearance with dense, purple colored, tricome covered buds.
  • When paired with the Soil Balance Nutrient Program our variety has shown superior terpene content eclipsing 2% total in actual lab results.

This high CBD hemp strain is great for extraction and has been used in treating stress, anxiety, nausea, migraines, chronic pain, depression, chemotherapy side effects, and more.

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