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Quality and integrity is the heart of what drives us. We want to be able to offer products and services our customers can feel confident and proud in.

We are working to revolutionize the hemp industry with these drivers in mind. Chronic Commodities is legally registered with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). Working under 1 acre of greenhouses and 7 acres of farmland, all of our industrial hemp products are grown using safe, organic practices. Our team shares a passion for furthering the growth of the hemp industry with best practices, research and genetics.

Offering high CBD seed, flower, genetics and clones, our mission is to help in evolving the hemp industry with a mindful, sustainable, scientific approach.

Partnership starts here.

We believe that by making mutually beneficial deals, connections and contacts in the hemp industry for our clients all while providing them superior quality hemp & cbd products and services will help facilitate the growth of this powerful product and industry.

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Join us in revolutionizing the hemp industry. Find out how you and your team can partner with us for the great journey. We’d love to have you by our side.


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A few of our favorite things.

wholesale cbd hemp flower bulk

Bulk Smokeable Flower For Sale

Our CBD hemp flower contains under 0.3% Delta-9-THC. Our hemp flower is covered in trichomes with some of the highest levels of terps in the industry, setting the standard for excellence. 
cbd hemp seed

Hemp Seeds For Sale

Our hemps seeds are genetically stable and ready to plant directly after being bought. Our industrial hemp strain is isolated to produce products with high CBD content. Explore the Abacus Diocious CCI Hemp Strain. Our high CBD hemp seeds are different from marijuana because they contain legal amounts (.3% or less) of Δ9 THC and do not have psychoactive effects. 
CBD Isolate

CBD Isolate For Sale

Our 99% pure CBD isolate is derived entirely from industrial hemp oil that was extracted from our industrial hemp. The isolate comes in crystalline (powdered) form making it extremely easy to work.
we Offer the Industry’s Best CBD Flower, Clones, and Varietals on the Market.

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