Hemp Clones

Today we are navigating why it can be more beneficial to purchase hemp clones over hemp seeds when starting your crop.

After the passing of the 2018 farm bill, the CBD industry is projected to grow dramatically in the next few years. According to, the hemp industry is set to surpass $22 billion in value by 2022. Whether you are a farmer or a retailer, sourcing high-CBD raw material of the highest quality should your highest priority.

Benefits of Hemp Clones Over Seeds

When you buy bulk CBD hemp clones you are taking away the uncertainty that often times comes with buying hemp seeds. When starting your crop this can be imperative to your success and long term growth.  

Why does hemp plants gender matter?

Hemp plants are either male or female, like most plants. Only the female hemp plants will be able to be used for CBD extraction and processing because of the high CBD content within the hemp flower they produce and other parts of the plant. The male hemp plants  only have a small amount of CBD and therefore can not be used for these purposes. 

With hemp seeds, every seed can be either male or female (exception of feminized hemp seeds). You won’t know the gender of your plant under it has grown several inches which can take several weeks+. The male plants will then need to be quickly identified and removed from the crop. As mentioned, they do not provide sufficient CBD and will also seed female plants with reduces their CBD-production ability. 

When you use hemp clones, you know the clone is always the same gender as the mother plant from which is was cut from. By starting with clones, this allows you to know from the start that you will have an all female crop. 

Certainty and Consistency With Hemp Clones

Hemp clones mean that only the strongest, most vibrant, potent plants of the strain are chosen. With hemp seeds you may know the strain, and if you pay extra money for certified feminized hemp seeds, you may even know the sex. However, the quality that the plant that will be produced won’t be know until you are already weeks along, with time and money heavily invested. You could grow a hermaphrodite plant that produces its own seeds, diverting nutrients from CBD production or plants that are runts. You may also grow a different and less desirable phenotype of that strain.

When you grow from clone, those clones are cut from a mother plant. Only the strongest, most vibrant, prolific and potent plants of a given strain are chosen to be mothers. Since clones grow identically to their mother, when you grow from clone you have certainty that the plants you grow will consistently match the highest levels of quality of that phenotype of their strain.

Hemp Clones Growing Time vs. Hemp Seeds

Hemp clones grow significantly faster then growing hemp seeds, which can take from a month to six weeks or longer. Growing hemp from clones is much faster from start to finish and allows you to harvest sooner and potentially plan more crops in a single plot in the same season/time period. 

Care & Attention

As you can imagine, a hemp seedling is very delicate and requires more time, care, and attention then a hemp clone.